Chapter 2112 When His Eyes Opened | (2024)

The next day, early in the morning.

The trees in the yard were wrapped in thick fog, as if they were floating in mid-air.

Qin An'an opened the window and watched the white air flow dexterously come in as if it had vitality.

She raised her head and looked at the sky. There is a faint golden light looming.

After a while, the sun will come out and the fog will clear.

The March Medical Award ceremony will be held today. Qin Anan has a lot of work to do, so she woke up early.

Afraid of waking Fu sh*ting, she didn't get up until dawn.

At the same time, the Jiang family.

Zuo Mingzhu sat in front of the dressing mirror and looked at herself in the mirror.

She will be the absolute protagonist today. In the past sixty years, only today has been the most dazzling moment in her life.

She hadn't even started to put on makeup, but she felt that she was dazzling in the mirror, and her whole body exuded a faint halo.

Jiang Taoping got up with Zuo Mingzhu.

After Jiang Taoping got up and got dressed, he walked over to Zuo Mingzhu and watched Zuo Mingzhu put on makeup.

"Mingzhu, how tiring to do your own makeup! You don't have to work so hard to find a makeup artist to do your makeup." Jiang Taoping sat next to him and looked at Zuo Mingzhu.

"I only need to put on light makeup today, and I don't need a makeup artist." Zuo Mingzhu put on her foundation and found the makeup powder on the table, "Taiping, you go to breakfast first! Don't wait for me. I have a while. Woolen cloth!"

"Okay, then I'll go have breakfast first. You quickly finish it. Today is not a wedding, so you don't need to be so delicate." Jiang Taoping got up from his chair and explained to her.

"Yeah." Zuo Mingzhu responded, then looked at Jiang Taoping from the mirror and walked out of the room.

After Jiang Taoping left, Zuo Mingzhu looked at himself in the mirror and showed a bright and sinister smile.

This smile, as if her body and mind were freed and released.

She quickly finished the makeup, then got up and went to change clothes.


While Jiang Taoping was having breakfast, he received a call from a friend.

A friend congratulated Zuo Mingzhu on the phone because he was about to win an award.

"Taoping, you are still amazing! You can actually marry such a powerful woman. You must know that the Maqi Medical Award is awarded only once every four years, and four years ago, because there was no suitable candidate, it was not held directly. You This new daughter-in-law is like a once-in-eight-year wizard!"

Jiang Taoping laughed: "I have long seen that Mingzhu has potential, otherwise I would not have invested in her. You don't know, she took the initiative to find me to invest. Besides me, she also found others, It's just that others don't trust her very much. Only me, with a brilliant eye, decided to vote for her after listening to her plan."

"Yeah! I've heard of it. Taoping, your investment vision has always been accurate. This time, you have made a big bet. After your wife wins the prize, do you plan to find investors for this technology? I really want to give it to you. You put money in! I'm willing to invest any amount..."

"Old Xiao, to tell you the truth, now I receive dozens of investment calls every day. I haven't talked to Mingzhu about this. Because we are about to get married, I want to wait until we get married and spend the rest of our lives together. Honeymoon, let's discuss the follow-up development issues." Jiang Taoping replied with a smile, "But don't worry, if you need investment, I will definitely consider you. After all, we have known each other for so many years, we know the bottom line, and I am your strength. clearly......"

"That's what you're waiting for. Tomorrow your wedding, I've prepared a big gift for you! We'll talk about it when we meet tomorrow."

"it is good."

Jiang Taoping finished talking on the phone and put the phone on the table.

Zuo Mingzhu came over and said with a smile, "Who are you talking to? Laugh so loudly."

Chapter 2112 When His Eyes Opened | (2024)


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