Chapter 2866 When His Eyes Opened | (2024)

The next day, morning.

Qin Anan went downstairs and saw Xiaohan sitting in the living room reading a magazine, and immediately walked up to him.

"Get up so early? Why don't you sleep more?"

"Sleep well." Qin Zihan put down the magazine and looked at his mother, "Ziqiu is working so hard now? When I got up, he also got up. He said that the company is not on holiday yet, and he has to go to the last day."

Qin Anan glanced at the restaurant: "Has he gone out?"

"Yeah. He took breakfast and left." Qin Zihan said, "I think he drives a cheap car. Is this specially bought for going to work?"

Qin Anan nodded: "He wanted to try the feeling of being an ordinary person, so he let him go."

"He was infected by my little sister!" Qin Zihan didn't have this chance, because everyone knew that he was Fu sh*ting's son.

Although his business is not in country A, his reputation in country A is no less than that of Fu sh*ting.

Because Dream Maker is popular all over the world, as long as there is a place where Dream Maker has been, there are people who know him.

"Yes! It's good to let him feel how hard it is to be an ordinary person." Qin Anan was a little hungry, and asked his son, "Have you had breakfast?"

"I haven't eaten." Qin Zihan put the magazine on the bookshelf, and walked towards the dining room with his mother.

"Accompany me to see Rila's wedding later." Qin Anan thought that his son should have nothing else to do, so he took the initiative, "Your father has something else to do today."

"Okay." Qin Zihan picked up the milk glass and took a sip of milk, "Are you planning to hold the wedding after the next year?"

Qin An'an: "I talked to Rila last night. She wants to do it quickly. Let's do it according to her heart!"

Qin Zihan didn't say anything.

After all, my sister has already obtained a certificate with Jin Sinian, and they are now a legal husband and wife.

"Can you go to country B a little later after the next year? You can leave after your sister's wedding." Qin Anan peeled the eggshells, and said calmly, "I have to tell Mike and the others later."

"Okay. My little sister hasn't come down yet, have you gotten up yet?" Qin Zihan felt that the house was a little deserted.

"She probably stayed up late to practice again last night. Your sister is very hardworking." Qin Anan glanced at the wall clock in the dining room, "I'll go to her room to see after eating."

"Where's Dad?" In Qin Zihan's memory, Dad didn't like to sleep late.

"He's still sleeping! Last night he went to bed very late. Probably because he was thinking about Rila's wedding. It's not good for him to interfere too much, and it's not good for him not to interfere."

"Mom, are you not suffering from insomnia?" Qin Zihan asked.

"No! I sleep well. Since Xiaohe came back, I am very happy every day." Qin Anan showed a smile, "It's also good for Rila and Si Nian to be together. I don't have to worry about Rila being wronged." .Although occasionally a little sad, but the child will always grow up. I was with your father back then, isn't it the same?"

"Mom, what kind of girlfriend do you think I should find?" Qin Zihan plucked up his courage and asked this question.

Qin Anan thought he heard it wrong, and stared at his son for several seconds before realizing that it was not a dream.

"Of course I'm looking for something you like."

"I've never met someone I like." Qin Zihan frowned slightly.

He has always been less interested in the opposite sex than in his career.

"Don't doubt yourself. Not everyone can meet someone they like." Qin Anan was surprised that his son talked about this topic with him, and he was also very happy to talk about this topic with his son. "Some people have very hot feelings, maybe You can tell at a glance whether that person is your favorite. Some people have very introverted feelings, and they need to get along with each other to develop feelings."

"You may be the latter." Qin Anan said, "Because your father is also the latter."

Qin Anan handed the peeled egg to his son.

"I think emotional matters are very troublesome." Qin Zihan ate the eggs in two bites.

Chapter 2866 When His Eyes Opened | (2024)


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