I'm A Quadrillionaire Chapter 1971-1980 - EthicLearner (2024)

Chapter 1971

The courtyard was very quiet.

No one made a sound since everyone was cultivating independently.

At this time, Sandy suddenly opened her eyes and looked around.

Seeing that everyone was cultivating hard, she stood up with a bitter look on her face.

It was because she encountered something she did not understand that she could not continue.

She could only go and ask Selena.

Only after she understood the problem could she continue.

Sandy was one of the two weakest women.

Aside from her, it would be Celia.

Fortunately, she was young and smart, so she could barely keep up with the progress. However, she was still one of the worst.

Celia was a little stronger, but not by much.

Among these people, Astrid and Mia were the strongest apart from Selena.

After all, the two of them came from the Milky Way, a level 3 civilization.

Thus, they had a solid foundation.

And as one of the four fairies in the Milky Way, the two were also quite talented.

When Selena was too busy, they would also occasionally act as teachers to resolve everyone’s doubts.

Sandy tiptoed and approached Selena cautiously.

She wanted to speak, but she was afraid of disturbing the others.

Hence, she just stood there, not knowing what to do.

Fortunately, Selena opened her eyes at this time and asked in a low voice, “Sandy, if you have any questions, just ask.”

“Thank you, Selena!”

Sandy immediately smiled and said happily, “I’m a little confused about this.”

Then. Selena began to explain patiently.

Soon, Sandy returned to her position, satisfied.

After a while, Celia got up again and walked over.

Selena still took the trouble to continue explaining.

Not long after Celia returned to her position, someone came up again.

Just like that, one after another, women went up to Selena.

Even so, Selena never showed an impatient look or gaze.

When they saw that Selena was getting too busy, Mia and Astrid also joined in and started to solve the confusion for others.

David was very pleased to see such a joyful and warm scene.

He was already here, but he did not want to bother them after seeing such a scene.

Regardless of his ridiculous strength and him already reaching partial Pre-Deity Rank which was enough to dominate Star Kingdom, David could not teach others.

What would he teach?

How to spend money?

It had been so long since he got the system, and yet he did not learn anything else other than how to spend money.

Then again, would it be necessary to learn how to spend money?

Wasn’t this something that came naturally especially when it came to women?

David did not show his face.

He quietly left again.

He wanted to check on Celia and the others.

It was nice to see them safe and doing well.

Thus, he decided it would be better to save Celeste first.

Chapter 1972

Otherwise, once he showed up, he would surely have a lot of things he wanted to say, and then a lot of time would be wasted.

It would not be too late to meet them again after rescuing Celeste.

Celia and others never noticed that someone was spying on them.

No one in Star Kingdom could spot David as long as David did not show himself, let alone them.

Not even the few Sacred Saints could do this.

Although he was just a partial Pre-Deity, it was an existence that had surpassed Sacred Saint and was entered partially into Divine Realm.

It was not comparable to Saints at all.

A senior-level meeting just ended in the meeting room of the Iridescent Sect.

The other seniors of the Iridescent Sect had just left, and only Nova was still meditating on the main seat.

The current turmoil in the Star Kingdom had naturally affected the Iridescent Sect as well.

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss how to deal with the upcoming chaos in Star Kingdom.

Sid left office and Zenon became the new head of the Saints Association, so the impartiality of the Saints Association right now was in name only.

From now on, the Saints Association would be the private army of the Palmore family.

The policy promoted by Zenon and Sid were two extremes.

Sid, the former head, was very considerate of Star Kingdom. Since he became the head of the Saints Association, he had been respected by all forces and powerful people.

On the contrary, Zenon was always thinking about his own interests.

The two could not be compared at all.

After the Saints Association announced publicly that Zenon became the head of the Saints Association, there was a huge wave in Star Kingdom and all major forces began to call back their forces.

The Iridescent Sect was no exception.

Nova stood up.

She still had to go to the forbidden area and report the results of the discussion to the reputable elders and ask them how the sect should proceed.

In the Iridescent Sect, Nova, the so-called head, was nothing more than a puppet.

She still needed to report to the reputable elders and let them make the decision.

After she just got up, a voice rang in her ear before she had time to move.

“Nova, long time no see!”

After hearing this voice, Nova was shocked and looked up quickly.

Then, she saw a young guy sitting on a chair not far away from her at some point.

Who was he if not David?

“David! No, M-Master David, you… When did you arrive?” Nova stammered.

She still wanted to address David like before, but after she did that, she realized that the person in front of her was no longer who he used to be. He was a True Saint who could stand shoulder to shoulder with the reputable elders.

So, how could she call him by his first name?

Nova was not surprised by David’s sudden arrival.

This was because she knew that the other party would come sooner or later.

Not only his girlfriends were here, but there was also someone waiting for his rescue.

Even so, Nova did not expect it to come so soon.

“Don’t call me that. It’ll make us seem like strangers. Just call me David as before!” David said with a smile.

“No way! Successful people are always put first, those are Star Kingdom’s rules. Master David, you have achieved Saint Realm, so you should enjoy the treatment of the Saint. I dare not call you by name,” Nova explained.

“It’s okay! I am not like the others. Between friends, it’s too distant to call me that. Over time, the distance between us will also widen. Besides, you are teacher to Celia and the others. So how will I explain to them if you call me Master David? You should just listen to me, Nova.”

“T-This is not right.” Nova hesitated.

In normal circ*mstances, he should be called Master David.

However, just like David said, with Celia and the others serving as a link between them, it was indeed a bit strange for her to call David that.

Of course, Nova would kill to have a good relationship with a True Saint.

“What’s not right about this? Since we are friends, we should get along as friends.”

“Oh…Alright then! But I can only call you David in private. It’ll be more appropriate to call you Master David in public,” Nova thought for a while and said.

“That’s fine,” David agreed.

“David, have you gone to see Celia and the others?” Nova asked.

“I did. Right, I have to thank you for taking care of them while I was away.”

After saying that, David stood up and bowed to Nova.

He was very thankful for Nova.

If not, he would not know what to do with Celia and the others.

“No! It’s fine! David, you said we’re friends and this is just a very trivial matter. Plus, I really like those girls,” Nova quickly went to help David up.

She could not accept David’s bow.

Chapter 1973

“No matter what, I still want to thank you, Nova!” David insisted.

Nova did not want to continue this topic, so she asked another question, “They should be very happy to see you!”

“I went to see them, but I didn’t show my face,” David replied.

“Why?” Nova was puzzled.

“For fear of wasting time. I should save Celeste first.”

“David, are you going to save Elder Red now?” Nova frowned.

She did not expect David to be in such a hurry.

She thought it would still take some time.

“Yeah!” David replied affirmatively.

“David, if you want to save Elder Red, you will definitely alarm the reputable elders. Are you ready?”

Nova did not know that David had reached the terrifying strength of a partial Pre-Deity.

All she knew was that David was a True Saint.

He was strong, but it was still not enough to save Elder Red.

After all, there were four True Saint reputable elders in the Iridescent Sect.

No matter how one looked at it, David would suffer a huge disadvantage in a one against four battle.

“Nova, don’t worry! I have my own plans.” David did not reveal his true strength.

“But what you have to deal with is not one True Saint, but four. Are you really sure?”

“Nova, since I dared to come, I have already made sufficient preparations. Plus, I have also learned about the strength of the four reputable elders of the Iridescent Sect. The matter is of great importance, so I would not joke about it.”

“That’s good! I also hope that Elder Red can come out soon. Staying in the ice cavern for a long time will have a great impact on her character.” Nova breathed a sigh of relief.

What she feared most was David rushing to save Elder Red too impulsively.

If that was the case, David might end up in a tragic situation.

“Nova, let’s go to the ice cavern now!” David began to urge after hearing this.

“Don’t be so anxious! With Elder Red’s strength, she’ll be fine staying in the ice cavern for eight or even ten years. Let me tell you about the internal situation of the Iridescent Sect first, so that it’ll be easier for you,” Nova explained.

“Nova, it’s actually not necessary. Just take me to Celeste and leave the rest to me. You are the head of the Iridescent Sect, so I don’t want to make things hard for you,” David said.

With his current strength, he genuinely did not need to know the internal information of the Iridescent Sect at all.

He just needed to know where Celeste was and get her out.

If the reputable elders of the Iridescent Sect dared to stand in the way, he would not mind teaching them how to behave.

“David, the Iridescent Sect is not as simple as you think. What the outside world knows is just superficial. The history of the Iridescent Sect is older and longer than any other force in the Star Kingdom, and there is a huge secret hiding in the forbidden area of the sect. If you act rashly, the consequences will be very serious,” Nova said seriously.

After hearing this, David was still filled with disdain.

‘It doesn’t matter whether the Iridescent Sect is ancient or not, or what big secrets it hides.

‘In the face of absolute strength, all plots and tricks are useless anyway.’

However, David still said, “But Nova, you are the head of the Iridescent Sect. If you expose the sect’s secrets like this, you will be regarded as a sect traitor if word gets out.”

“Let me finish.”

“Okay, Nova, tell me, I’m all ears.” David stopped interrupting.

“David, do you know why the Iridescent Sect has such a long history, but there are only four True Saint reputable elders and not a single Pre-Saint?” Nova asked.

“I don’t know!” David shook his head.

He was also puzzled.

According to David’s understanding, the other big forces in Star Kingdom had more Pre-Saints than True Saints.

Chapter 1974

Normally, the greater the strength, the fewer the number of people.

However, when it came to the Iridescent Sect, it seemed to be different.

In the entire Iridescent Sect, there were only four reputable elders of True Saint Rank, and there were no Pre-Saints at all.

Obviously, this was very unreasonable.

Could it be that the Iridescent Sect had no geniuses?

Obviously not!

How was it possible that no one broke through Saint Realm in a sect with such a long history and four True Saint reputable elders as mentors?

Nova continued, “Actually, according to scattered records in the secret history of the sect, at least twenty Saints have been cultivated since the establishment of the Iridescent Sect, but these Saints have all disappeared without exception!”


David froze for a moment.

Obviously, he did not expect this.

“How?” David asked curiously.

“After breaking through Saint Realm, one will have to enter the sect’s forbidden area to practice. After that, they never came out again,” Nova replied.

“Maybe they are just living in seclusion in the forbidden area. This is not considered disappearing, right?” David said.

“David, have you ever seen someone living in seclusion for tens of millions of years straight? The Saints who first entered the forbidden area of the sect have not come out for more than a million years, and the only active ones in the sect are only the four True Saint reputable elders. Do you think this is normal?”


David was also taken aback.

Dozens of Saints had entered the forbidden area of the Iridescent Sect, but they had not come out since. The earliest ones were even millions of years old.

Anyone would know that this was certainly not normal.

“Nova, have you been to the forbidden area?” David asked.

“No! No one is allowed to enter the forbidden area unless they have permission or if they reach Saint Realm, but none of the Saints can come out,” Nova shook her head and said.

“Nova, judging from what you said there must be something strange in the forbidden area. No wonder the Iridescent Sect has never had a Pre-Saint.” David was stunned.

“David, these are the conclusions that I came up with after secretly reading through countless materials. Because too much time had passed, it didn’t attract anyone’s attention. I was curious because a very talented Saint Realm grandmaster of mine never came out after entering the forbidden area of the sect. The reason why I became the head of the Iridescent Sect was to find out what secrets are hidden in the forbidden area, but unfortunately, I haven’t found anything yet,” Nova sighed.

She wanted to know the secrets in the forbidden area of the sect and also wanted to know if her grandmaster was still alive.

All members of the Iridescent Sect who entered the forbidden area would also bring their life plaques with them.

Therefore, the people outside would not even know whether the people who entered were dead or alive.

David was lost in thought.

Nova’s words aroused his curiosity.

‘Should I send a clone to visit the forbidden area of the Iridescent Sect?

‘So many Saints went in, so they can’t have disappeared for no reason.

‘Saints have an infinite lifespan, so as long as there is no accident, they will surely still be alive even after a million years.

‘Even if there is any danger in the forbidden area, the clone should be able to save himself as a partial Pre-Deity.

‘Even if he can’t, I’ll just lose one of my clones.

‘But just to be on the safe side, it’ll be better to wait until I rescue Celeste and take care of Celia and the others properly. After that, I’ll go and explore so that it won’t affect them if anything happens.’

Chapter 1975

“Nova, thank you for telling me this!” David thanked Nova from the bottom of his heart.

He was a partial Pre-Deity, so what Nova said had little effect on him.

At most, it just piqued his curiosity and made him want to find out what was going on.

However, Nova did not know David’s strengths.

She still thought that David was just a True Saint.

Even with external means, He was still somewhat dwarfed in power when facing the four ancient True Saint reputable elders of the Iridescent Sect.

Besides, the Iridescent Sect hid many secrets.

This could also take David by surprise.

Hence, she would tell David everything and provide David comprehensive knowledge, so as not to be caught off guard when the time came.

“David, I’m actually selfish. My family has been living in the Iridescent Sect since the generation of my grandmaster. We have feelings for this sect. It’s just a secret in the forbidden area that cast a layer of shadow on the sect. I want the sect to return to normal so that the strong ones who break through Saint Realm will not disappear, but I have no ability, so I hope to get your help to find out the secrets in the forbidden area.” Nova did not hide and directly expressed the thoughts in her heart.

David was very satisfied with this.

He did not like people who refused to say what was in their heads, especially those who were narrow- minded and cunning.

‘If you have anything to say, just say it directly. In the end, if I decide to help you, it’ll mean we have mutual affection, but if I don’t, I’m also entitled to do so.

‘Just like Nova.’

“Nova, after I rescue Celeste and then settle Celia and the others, I will help you explore the secrets of the Iridescent Sect forbidden area,” David agreed.

“Thank you!” Nova said gratefully.

“It’s nothing! Then shall we go to the ice cavern now?”

“Wait! Let me tell you some basic information about the four reputable elders in the Iridescent Sect. If you want to save Elder Red, you will definitely run into them. Knowing a little more about them will also help you.”

“No… Well… Fine! Thank you, Nova.” David wanted to say no, but after thinking about it, he did not say it.

Nova took such a big risk with good intentions. Although it was useless, she had kind intentions.

It would be impolite to refuse.

Then Nova began to explain carefully to David.

In fact, she did not know much about the four reputable elders either.

However, as the head of the sect, she had more contact with the four reputable elders compared to other people.

The four reputable elders had lived for a very long time, but no one knew exactly how many years.

Anyway, the Iridescent Sect was founded by the four of them.

According to the ranking, the four of them were Marin, Ursa, Eira, and Giada.

Celeste’s teacher was the reputable elder from the Cecil Family, who was ranked third.

After more than ten minutes, David followed Nova out of the chamber and went to the ice cavern of the Iridescent Sect.

Along the way, Nova was careful, for fear of being discovered by reputable elders.

She had no idea that if David was unwilling, even Sacred Saints could not find him, let alone a True Saint.

There was no accident on the way and the two arrived at the entrance of the ice cavern.

From far away, David could feel a chill emanating from it.

As expected of the ice cavern, this chill alone was not something ordinary people could bear.

Ordinary people might be frozen into ice sculptures as soon as they approach.

“David, Elder Red is on the last floor below the ice cavern. I won’t accompany you down there. If there is any movement here, the reputable elders will definitely find out,” Nova said, looking at the entrance of the ice cavern ahead.

“Thank you, Nova! I can go down alone, so you should leave as soon as possible. It will be bad if you are discovered.”

“Then, you should be careful. Although I am the head of the Iridescent Sect, there is nothing I can do apart from giving you some information and guiding you.”

“That’s enough.”

“David, if there are any unforeseen accidents, try to ensure your own safety first. You have a very unique talent. Even in the entire history of Star Kingdom, there is no one comparable to you. As long as you are given a little more time, I believe you can do better. Elder Red will be fine even after a few more years, so don’t make any mistakes because of something trivial. If you encounter any accidents, Celia and the others will not be able to accept it.” Before leaving, Nova persuaded again.

Chapter 1976

“I understand! Thank you for reminding me, Nova. I’m 100% sure I can save Celeste, so don’t worry!” David responded with a smile.

“Well, if that’s the case, I’ll go first. Be careful.”

After Nova finished speaking, she turned around and quickly disappeared from David’s sight.

David watched Nova leave.

Then, he turned around and walked directly towards the entrance of the ice cavern without the slightest hesitation.

As a partial Pre-Deity, there was no place in Star Kingdom that he was afraid to enter.

After he entered the ice cavern, cold air swept toward David as if it had come to life.

However, just when it was about to touch David’s body…

“Huff!” David snorted heavily.

The strong cold air immediately rolled back as if it had encountered a natural enemy.

David did not pay any attention to it and strode toward the depths of the ice cavern.

Wherever he passed, not only did the cold air voluntarily retreat, but even the ice cubes that had existed on the ground for countless years automatically melted to make way for him.

Only after he passed by did the ice dare to continue to freeze and return to its original state.

If Nova saw this scene, she would be absolutely shocked and speechless.

She was not scared of the cold if it was only for a short while.

However, even the reputable elders could not make the cold air retreat or make the ten-thousand-year- old ice under their feet automatically melt to give way.

David followed the passage of the ice cavern to a wider place.

Here, he saw a lot of ice sculptures. These should be the individuals from the Iridescent Sect who made major mistakes and were sent to get punished here.

David ignored them and continued walking.

The lower he went, the heavier the cold air and the fewer ice sculptures.

When he reached the bottom of the ice cavern, the cold air had reached an extreme.

Of course, it still avoided David, not daring to approach him.

When he got to the bottom of the ice cavern, David sensed a familiar energy and looked closer.

Then, he saw an ice sculpture standing alone not far away.

From the outside, the person inside the ice sculpture could be vaguely seen to be wearing a red dress.


Despite the thick ice and David not being able to see the person’s appearance clearly, he knew the person in the ice sculpture was Celeste.

David had mixed feelings for Celeste.

The other party gave him a different experience and it was even more memorable than his time with Celia.

When he was with Celia, he felt like it was a natural progression, but when he was with Celeste, it felt like a sudden wave in a very peaceful life.

At that time, David had just broken through Eternal Realm while Celeste was a late Sovereign Ranker.

If not for that accident, the two would not be in this current situation.

In reality, until now, they had never had any physical contact. They never touched each other’s fingers, but they knew every part of each other’s body!

Chapter 1977

After watching Celeste’s ice sculpture in silence for a while, David said, “Celeste! I’m here to save you.”

However, he did not get any response from the other party.

David frowned.

He could feel Celeste’s Life Flame and it was burning very brightly.

However, why did she not answer?

It was impossible for her to not hear him at such a close distance.

‘Could it be that the extremely cold air inside the ice cavern has affected Celeste’s character?

‘Didn’t Nova say that there will be no problem for a late Sovereign Ranker to last ten or eight years?

‘How long has it been?

‘Has she already been affected?’

David started to panic a little.

If a person’s personality changed, then they would no longer be the same person as before.

He raised his voice and yelled again, “Celeste! Can you hear me? I’m David, and I’m here to save you.”

However, it was still silent.

David’s frown deepened.

In the end, he had no choice but to let out a trace of mind power and stepped forward to check Celeste’s situation.

When his mind power touched the ice sculpture, his eyes flickered, and he entered a strange environment.

When he wanted to force his way out, he realized this place looked very familiar.

Thus, David looked around.

‘Isn’t this the place where I had that accident with Celeste the first time?’

Then, David saw Celeste not far away.

The other party was wearing a red dress while staring at him blankly, without saying a word.

David was a little embarrassed to be stared at.

“Cough… Um… Celeste, are you okay?”

Celeste was interrupted by David’s voice. Then, she came back to her senses and said slowly, “David, I thought I would stay in the ice cavern for a hundred years and I would no longer be the same me I used to be. I thought I would be eroded by the extreme cold air for a hundred years and will become a weapon without any emotion in the Iridescent Sect. I didn’t want this, but I couldn’t change anything.

“I never thought that someone would come to save me because this is an order from Master. Among the people I know, no one has the strength to save someone in the Iridescent Sect by themselves, but when Lady Dream came to tell me that you’ve grown to this point and I had to hold on, I really couldn’t believe it. This feels like a dream, David. Thank you for taking the risk to save me, thank you very much!”

After saying these words, Celeste was already in tears.

She was not the Elder Red of the Iridescent Sect at this moment, but a woman surrounded by happiness.

Having lived for nearly two thousand years, she never thought that she would see this day.

Eira had always reminded Celeste that she had a special alluring body.

Therefore, she could not touch men, let alone be attracted to any man in this lifetime.

Now, facing this man who is much younger than herself, Celeste did not want to hold back anymore.

What she owed to Master was already paid off the moment she entered the ice cavern.

After leaving this place, Celeste wanted to be her true self.

Upon hearing Celeste’s words, David finally hid frown and smiled.

It turned out that Celeste was not affected by the cold.

His efforts had not been in vain.

If Celeste was not who she used to be, David might not be able to stop himself from destroying the Iridescent Sect.

Chapter 1978

“Celeste, don’t thank me. This is what I should do. From now on, no matter who wants to touch you, they will have to ask whether David agrees. As long as I don’t agree, no one can touch you, not even your teacher or a Sacred Saint,” David said domineeringly.

“Yes, I believe you!” Celeste responded with a smile while crying.

“Let’s go! Celeste, I’ll take you away from the ice cavern. I want to see who in the Iridescent Sect dares to stop me,” David said viciously.

“No! I don’t want to leave just yet,” Celeste said, blushing.


After David finished asking, a touch of red came to his eyes before he could react.

After some time, the bottom of the ice cavern.


The ice sculpture suddenly broke open, revealing the figure inside.

At the same time, David opened his eyes.

The two looked at each other.

David smiled a little while Celeste bowed her head.

“Celeste, let’s go!” David said.

“Yeah!” Celeste hummed. After that, she stood up and went to David’s side.

The two had just walked a few steps before David stopped and turned to look at the bottom of the ice cavern.

“What’s wrong?” Celeste asked, feeling puzzled.

“Celeste, I don’t suppose we can hide from your teacher if we leave like this, right?”

“Yeah, Master has set a restriction on me. Even if I leave the lowest level, Master will know, let alone if I walk out of the ice cavern,” Celeste shook her head and said.

“That’s fine! Since we can’t hide, let’s give them a big surprise. I have long viewed the ice cavern as unpleasant. It devours human emotions and turns a person into a machine without emotions. This is a horrible place that shouldn’t exist,” David said with a sneer.

“David, you… are you going to destroy this place?” Celeste asked with wide-eyed eyes.

She did not expect David to be so courageous.

Not only would he save her, but he also wanted to destroy the ice cavern.

This was one of the most important places in the Iridescent Sect, second only to the forbidden area.

If this place was destroyed, the four reputable elders would surely go crazy.

“You’re right. It’s unknown how many disciples have come here to accept the most painful punishment in the world since the establishment of the Iridescent Sect. They have made mistakes, so they deserved to be killed. However, isn’t it inhumane to devour their emotions? This horrible place should have been destroyed long ago.”

“B-But David, this is one of the most important places in the Iridescent Sect, second only to the forbidden area. Once it is destroyed, Master and the others will definitely not spare you.” Celeste said


“Celeste, don’t worry! Since I dared to come, I’m not afraid of them. Even if all four reputable elders come together, they won’t be able to do anything to me,” David assured Celeste.

“W-Well then! Be careful.” Seeing David’s confidence, Celeste stopped persuading him.

It was fine as long as David was confident that he could deal with the anger of the four reputable elders.

She did not like the ice cavern either.

Many disciples who have made mistakes in the sect would be sent here. After they were given the restrictions, they would not even be able to commit suicide. Thus, they could only become emotionless machines.

Hence, it would be good to destroy this place.

It was the last thing she would do for the women in the sect before leaving!

Celeste knew that after she followed David to leave the ice cavern today, she would not be able to stay in the sect anymore.

Hence, she could only quit.

Chapter 1979

“Celeste, step aside. I’ll go and see how the cold air in the ice cavern is formed.”

After David finished speaking, he walked to the center of the bottom of the ice cavern alone.

Then, he closed his eyes, released part of his mind power, and started to explore the entire ice cavern.

Since the ice cavern would become colder the deeper it went, the secret must be in the deepest part of it.

The mind power continued to extend down along the bottom layer of the ice cavern that was full of thick ice layers. The formation of these ice layers might have existed for longer than the Iridescent Sect itself.

It was very likely that the Iridescent Sect only came about after the ice cavern and forbidden area were formed.

When his mind power reached a depth of hundreds of thousands of kilometers, it finally stopped.

This ice layer was hundreds of thousands of kilometers thick.

How unimaginable.

One must know that the diameter of Earth was only more than 10 thousand kilometers.

Just the thickness of this ice layer could cover dozens of Earths.

When he reached the end, David saw a breathtaking scene using his mind power.

He saw a huge blue ice block not far away that seemed to be wrapped in something.

The cold air came from the thing inside.

It was definitely a rare treasure since it could form thousands of kilometers of ice.

The most shocking thing was underneath the blue ice was surging magma.

‘What is this?

‘What a great contrast.’

There was only a one-line difference.

The top was frozen for thousands of miles, while the bottom was spewing magma.

It was the first time David had seen such a strange scene.

How could boiling magma and extremely cold ice exist in the same room?

Magma was synonymous with ultra-high temperature, but this ice cube did not show any trace of melting under the scorching heat.

The two sides had coexisted peacefully in this way for an unknown number of years.

The magma and ice block each occupied their own territory and did not interfere with each other.

‘What a rare sight!’

Standing at the bottom of the ice cavern, David opened his eyes.

A smile appeared on his face.


‘There’s clearly something good hiding in the blue ice.’

It was not David’s style to not take treasures when he came across them, especially when they belonged to the enemy. Therefore, there was no reason not to take it.

When she saw David opening his eyes, Celeste hurried over and asked, “David, how was it? Did you find anything?”

“Yeah, I found the culprit. There is a treasure under the ice layer. It’s the thing that emits the extreme cold air and is also what formed the ice cavern. If I take it out, the ice cavern will automatically disappear,” David replied.

“What treasure?” Celeste asked curiously.

“I don’t know yet. It’s hidden in a huge blue ice cube. Celeste, stand back a little bit and let me take it out. There might be a lot of movement.”

“Be careful!” Celeste said and retreated to the position just now.

David crouched down and looked down at the ice beneath his feet.

Clenching his right fist, he punched the ice and walked over to Celeste.

The two stood on the edge of the bottom floor of the ice cavern, looking at the center quietly.

Crack! Crack!

A small crack appeared in the ice layer, and slowly, the crack became bigger and bigger before quickly spreading to the deepest point of hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

At the same time, the mind power that dived into the ice layer materialized. It then wrapped around the huge blue ice cube, rose from the ground, and quickly went to the ground via the cracks.


A loud sound came from underground.

Immediately afterward, the ground shook.

Not only could David and Celeste in the ice cavern feel it, the entire Iridescent Sect, and even the entire Iridescent Continent, felt the violent tremors.

Countless ordinary people stopped what they were doing.

They all yelled and ran away, trying to quickly find an open place where they could take cover.

Chapter 1980

“The earthquake is coming! Run!”

The Iridescent Sect was the closest to the source, so the tremors it felt were naturally the strongest.

In the courtyard where Celia and others live, everyone was caught off guard by the sudden earthquake and huddled together tightly.

Selena, Mia, and Astrid were the strongest, so they stood on the outermost edge.

Meanwhile, the others were protected by the three of them.

The disciples of the Iridescent Sect all flew into the air, wanting to see what was going on.

Nova was no exception.

She went into the sky and stood at the front of the Iridescent Sect disciples.

“Lady Dream! What’s going on? This has never happened in the Iridescent Continent before,” an elder asked.

“Yeah! Lady Dream, how could there be an earthquake in the Iridescent Continent? Is someone making trouble?”

Nova shook her head, expressing that she had no idea either.

However, she knew very well in her heart.

She could feel the vibration coming from the ice cavern.

David must have taken action.

However, did he need to cause such a huge commotion just to save someone?

Nova was very puzzled.

At this time, there was a sudden roar in the forbidden area of the Iridescent Sect.

“How presumptuous! Anyone who dares to behave recklessly in the Iridescent Sect will die!”

At the bottom of the ice cavern, Celeste could not help but tremble when she heard this voice.

The speaker was all too familiar to her.

It was her teacher, Eira, one of the four reputable elders of the Iridescent Sect, and an ancient True Saint.

Although Celeste trusted David very much, she was still worried about David in the face of her teacher.

After all, she had never seen David’s strength with her own eyes.

Everything she knew, she learned from Nova.

She only knew that when she brought David to Star Kingdom, he had just entered Eternal Realm for the first time.

When he could feel Celeste’s worries, David comforted her, “Celeste, don’t be afraid! I’m not afraid of True Saints now. Just watch how I avenge you.”

“David, you have to be careful! Master has lived for a long time, and she has many tricks up her sleeves. You must protect yourself. If you can’t do it, you should leave first and come back to save me when you have enough strength. I can afford to wait.”

“Don’t worry! My current strength is enough.”

After David finished speaking, he swiped his finger and a small wound appeared on his fingertip.

A drop of blood essence was forced out of his body.

Then, he started cloning himself.

That drop of blood essence began to change slowly, and finally, under Celeste’s stunned expression, it turned into another David.

‘W-What is this?’

Celeste stared at David’s clone which was exactly the same as David. She was speechless from shock.

David’s clone looked at Celeste and smiled slightly. He said, “Celeste, you don’t have to be so shocked. This is my clone, and he has the same strength as me.”

As soon as David said that, Celeste shuddered.

As an elder of the Iridescent Sect who had lived for nearly two thousand years, she had never seen such a heaven-defying method.

She had never even heard of this even in the secret history of the Iridescent Sect.

He could use a drop of blood essence to conjure a person with the same strength as him out of thin air.

If David spent more blood essence, wouldn’t he be able to create a powerful team full of True Saints?

No wonder David was so confident.

With this trick, no one would be able to defeat him aside from Sacred Saints.

I'm A Quadrillionaire Chapter 1971-1980 - EthicLearner (2024)


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