How to refund ticketmaster tickets? (2024)

How to refund ticketmaster tickets?

If the Event Organizer has approved refunds, you'll see a Request Refund button in your online account. After you've submitted your refund request and the funds are received from the Event Organizer, your refund will be processed to the original method of payment used when you purchased the tickets.

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How do I get a full refund from Ticketmaster?

Sign into your My Account. Find your order under the My Tickets section. If the Event Organizer is offering refunds for your event, a Request Refund button will appear.


Why does Ticketmaster not allow refunds?

Policies set forth by Event Organizers generally prohibit us from issuing exchanges or refunds after a ticket has been purchased, or for lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed tickets.

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Do you get your money back if you resell tickets on Ticketmaster?

If you have sold your tickets for the canceled event through, or (i.e., you resold your tickets through one of those sites, and you've been paid for them), your credit card on file will be charged to refund the buyer of your tickets and if successful, the tickets will be ...

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How do I cancel a ticket and get a full refund?

In order to get the refund, passengers with e-Tickets must file an online TDR within two days of the certificate issuance. They must also send the certificate to IRCTC by post. Passengers with counter tickets should send the certificate to IRCTC by post.


How long do you have to get a refund on Ticketmaster?

If refunds are approved and the funds have been received from the Event Organizer, we'll issue a refund to the original method of payment used at the time of purchase — usually within 30 days. We can't issue a refund to a different credit or debit card (including requests made through the self-service option).

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How to sell Ticketmaster tickets when Ticketmaster won t let you?

From your order, click Sell Tickets or the Sell button on the app to see if resale is available. If the button doesn't appear, is grayed out or you receive a message that the Event Organizer hasn't activated resale, your tickets aren't eligible for resale.

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How do I speak to a human at Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster Customer Service Phone Number (800) 653-8000, Email, Help Center.

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Can I sell my tickets that I bought on Ticketmaster?

If you purchased tickets from Ticketmaster and the Event Organizer has enabled resale for your event, you can list your tickets from your account or enter your ticket barcode.

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What happens if you can't sell your tickets on Ticketmaster?

Your tickets will remain available for purchase until the event's resale deadline expires, which varies by event. Any tickets that have not sold will be placed back into your account for your use. Unsold tickets aren't eligible for refunds, but you can still use the ticket(s) by removing the listing.

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Can I sell resale tickets I bought on Ticketmaster?

You can remove and upload again until Resale closes 8 hours before the start of the event (exceptions may occur). Can I sell a ticket I bought with Ticketmaster Resale? No. A Resale-ticket cannot be resold.

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Why is my ticket non refundable?

Depending on the ticket type, often, 'nonrefundable' simply means: The airline will not give you all of your money back if you cancel (true for most basic economy tickets). The airline will not refund your ticket value as cash (it will be remitted as a voucher instead).

How to refund ticketmaster tickets? (2024)

When can I cancel my ticket to get full refund?

If the train is marked as "CANCELLED" in PRS due to breaches, floods, accidents etc. full refund is permissible in case the ticket is cancelled within three days of the scheduled departure of the train. In case of e-tickets, such cancellations can be done by the customer through Internet.

Can I get a refund on an Anytime ticket?

Yes, you can normally get a full Anytime train ticket refund from the train company in charge of your journey. However, if you've bought your ticket through us, we're happy to do the legwork for you and get in touch with the relevant train company on your behalf.

Why can't I sell or transfer my tickets on Ticketmaster?

It could be for one of these reasons: The venue doesn't offer Ticket Transfer yet (we're working on that). The artist or venue turned Ticket Transfer off for that event/section. The event was canceled (ticket buyers get automatic refunds).

How much does Ticketmaster charge to resell tickets?

Normally 10%. Ticketmaster, along with other ticket resale marketplaces, will generally charge around 10% of the list price when a ticket is sold on Ticketmaster. If you are a large seller or part of Ticketmaster's Trade Desk program, you can unlock cheaper sell-through rates.

Can I change my Ticketmaster tickets to another date?

You are eligible for a ticket exchange if:

You purchased your tickets directly from Ticketmaster; You didn't receive your tickets through Ticket Transfer, resale, or from a third-party site; and. Your order doesn't contain VIP tickets, premium tickets or additional non-refundable items such as merchandise.

What is the best way to sell concert tickets?

If you're looking to resell tickets for an in-demand concert, festival, or sporting event, Ticketmaster and StubHub should be the first on your list.

Can I sell my Ticketmaster tickets on StubHub?

If the event is eligible for resale, you can list your Ticketmaster tickets on StubHub by following these steps: 1. Log in to your StubHub account and click on the "Sell Tickets" button.

How much does Ticketmaster get when you resell tickets?

Normally 10%. Ticketmaster, along with other ticket resale marketplaces, will generally charge around 10% of the list price when a ticket is sold on Ticketmaster. If you are a large seller or part of Ticketmaster's Trade Desk program, you can unlock cheaper sell-through rates.

What does resale ticket mean on Ticketmaster?

Resale Tickets - Resale tickets are tickets sold by fans, season ticket holders and professional ticket brokers. On Ticketmaster, resale tickets are clearly identified, either by color or by description. The list price of a resale ticket is set by the seller and sometimes might be higher, or lower, than Face Value.

How do resale tickets work?

Ticket resale (also known as ticket scalping or ticket touting when done for profit) is the act of reselling tickets for admission to events. Tickets are bought from licensed sellers and then sold for a price determined by the individual or company in possession of the tickets.

How does resale work?

Resale is the acquisition of an asset from a wholesale seller, followed by the sale of that asset to a retail buyer at a higher price. Resale is how most of the retailers you're familiar with work: they purchase what they sell from other businesses, then resell each purchase for more than it cost.

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